Video Job Showcase

Showcase your job opportunity with a custom-made video to attract the right talent for your organization.

Traditional Job Descriptions are Boring

And ineffective. They appear as little more than old print “Help Wanted” ads that have been pasted online—and often produce only a pool of unqualified candidates.

When potential applicants take their first glimpse at the job, and judge whether it meets their expectations, they are confronted with a long box of standard text like all the other jobs they’ve seen.

If top talent cannot find excitement in the job description—a good fit for their interests—they will pass over the opportunity. And active candidates only spend about 50 seconds reading a job description—not much time to spark that excitement. No wonder so many roles attract only the unqualified candidates!

Video Job Showcases are Exciting

If you want to start building high-quality, inclusive, and diverse talent pipelines, reduce engagement to apply times, reduce candidate lead generation cost, and optimize candidate sourcing, a Video Job Showcase may be what your team is looking for.

A Video Job Showcase enhances the candidate experience, as people prefer learning information from videos rather than from reading. Video also encourages sharing and referrals and optimizes search engine (SEO) results: studies show the video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings and are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up at the top of Google searches.

Candidates spend over 3x more time on Video Job Showcases (2 minutes and 54 seconds) vs. Traditional Job Descriptions (50 seconds).

TalentHunt Inc. Video Job Showcase solutions include an intuitive dashboard to track candidate analytics—from the moment they watch the video to the moment they’re hired—to optimize and streamline your recruitment investment.


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