Step 1: Talent Search

In-Depth Intake Call

We start with a meeting to figure out exactly what you need—beyond experience, skills, or educational requirements—to determine the perfect fit for your organization.

What type of person will fit well within your team and organization? Do you need a future leader? Do you need someone to be consistent in their role for a number of years?

The TaletHunt team will take the necessary time to truly understand your team and organization. We will ensure that when we go to market we can properly represent you and deliver the right candidate pool.

Be Heard

Video Job Showcase

Once we define your target, we market the opportunity. With short, customized recruitment videos spotlighting career opportunities and corporate culture, TalentHunt delivers information to candidates in a way that is more engaging and more accessible across all media platforms and devices . Our professional quality video solutions include the latest cloud-based tracking technology for minute-by-minute reporting on candidate behaviour as well as automatic integration into our ATS. Harness the power of video to boost SEO, improve candidate self-selection and stand out from your competition with our TalentHunt recruitment video solution.

Learn More

Job Blog

Traditional job descriptions are boring and really only communicate the technical requirements of the opportunity. We have never met a candidate that was excited by a Job Description. At TalentHunt we take that traditional job description and use it to tell a story—your story and why you need to welcome a new team member. We make fun, engaging, and more-than-just-“requirement” posts an intricate part of your search strategy, utilizing our network and marketing plan to reach more candidates.

Entice Candidates

Targeted Head Hunt

We perform a targeted headhunt deep into the market to find top talent. We actively target passive candidates by utilizing the latest technology, our incredible network developed over 20 years, and classic candidate cold-calling. We are relentless in our pursuit of your next team member.

Find the One

Database promotion

By partnering with TalentHunt you gain access to our carefully curated database of thousands of top-notch candidates that we have met throughout the past decade. We have taken care to nurture these relationships so that when the right opportunity arises we are ready to provide our clients with the best possible candidate pool in an efficient manner.

Expand your Options


Book a meeting below. We will discuss your plans and devise an initial plan to meet them.

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