Step 2: Talent Screen

Face-to-Face Pre-Screen

We've marketed the opportunity and developed a strong candidate pool. Now let’s meet these candidates. When possible we will meet face-to-face; when needed we will meet virtually. We get to know them, what motivates them, and where they see themselves going. We also determine if they fit your culture and technical requirements through assessment tools. This integral part of the process allows us to identify the best fit and begin developing a positive impression of your organization and opportunity. We take special care to provide feedback and advice to candidates not selected to move beyond this stage of the search.

Filter for the Best

Psychometric Assessment

We can help administer psychometric assessments that you already use, or also help determine which assessments might work best for your organization. With our experience and established partnerships, you can trust you will get the most out of your recruitment tools.

Use the Right Tools

Reference and Background Checks

When you partner with TalentHunt, all references and background checks are included in your original fee. We have partnerships with many organizations across North America that can complete these for you in 24-48 hours. If you prefer a third-party to complete this step, we are happy to assist with that as well

Gain Confidence

Present Candidates

Once we have gone through the above process, we will present the candidates to you. We send the résumé and a brief synopsis of each candidate’s experiences, providing context around career moves, salary, and any other key points we have identified during the screening process. We are happy to hop on a call or meet in person to review the candidates in addition to our written submissions.

Meet Top Talent


Book a meeting below. We will discuss your plans and devise an initial plan to meet them.

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