Step 3: Talent Pool Management

Schedule Meetings and Provide Feedback

We take care of all aspects of scheduling meetings using the latest technology to keep the process easy, fast, and efficient. We also maintain weekly updates including feedback from you and the market to address concerns before they can delay or disrupt the search. We provide feedback to all unsuccessful candidates as well and ask their feedback on improving the process.

Streamline your Process

Offer Presentation and Negotation

We take the stress out of landing your preferred candidate. We maintain constant contact during offer presentation and negotiation, ensuring expectations are appropriately set and sufficiently met, identifying and addressing any issues that might interfere with closing the deal. After a decade in the field, our candidates have rarely turned down offers.

Get your Top Pick

ATS: Manage Candidate Pool and Maintain Communication

We use the latest technology to make sure no candidates fall through the gaps and to effectively communicate with you, the client. Utilizing a web-based ATS we can add, interview, and submit candidates in seconds and from anywhere in the world. We can also provide point-in-time reports if you require an update on the overall search.

Stay Informed

Development of On-boarding Plan

We go beyond securing your preferred candidate. We can help you devise a world-class on-boarding program to ensure your new employee has a great start to their career at your organization. From company swag to a 100-day mentoring program—these offers, when done right, can have an immense impact on your candidate’s momentum in their new position.

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