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3 Powerful Ways to Attract Top Talent

Posted by Paul Huffman on May 3, 2021

Online job postings are an essential part of hiring. They help companies cast a wide net so that out-of-network or unexpected candidates have the opportunity to apply. But online postings should not be the only tactic your company uses to search for top talent.

Recruitment of talent deserves as much focus as client recruitment. A good headhunter will understand how to be innovative with their search techniques while sorting lesser candidates out of the pile. After all, the right candidate can have a significant effect on the company’s productivity. In fact, a McKinsey study found that “in highly complex occupations…high performers are an astounding 800 percent more productive” than average ones.

In the end, your company’s ability to recruit top talent determines how competitive it can be in all other areas. Headhunting is a fine art that relies on the headhunter’s ability to attract top talent.

Here are some secrets for attracting top talent that can be used by companies big and small.

Go where the candidates are

Rather than expecting great candidates to come to you, try thinking about where they might be hanging out. If you want to hire a senior project manager, look for events related to project management in your region. Many great candidates can be found at networking events, professional development training, or even volunteering in their communities.

This is a particularly clever way to find candidates that aren’t necessarily looking for a new position at the moment. Finding someone out in the world can reduce competition from other companies and give you a stronger shot at convincing them to grow their career at your company.

Targeted advertising on social media is a smart way to reach candidates in their natural habitats. Once you identify your target region or demographic, then you can select appropriate keywords. When it pops up on Instagram or Facebook, a great ad could reel in your dream candidate.

Offer a transparent and attractive invitation

An open house is a great way to invite potential candidates to visit the company in-person. Candidates who make the effort and show up are demonstrating their interest, and Human Resources should take note. Remember that people with day jobs may not be able to attend weekday, day-time open houses. Consider offering a special weekend or evening event to broaden your search.

If an in-person open house is off the table, then a virtual open house can achieve the same effect. This could be a live webinar with current employees, an office tour, and breakout rooms to get to know various teams and company goals.

Alternatively, companies can present a prerecorded office tour with employee testimonials. Many job postings don’t go far enough in communicating the company’s culture and values. Today’s top candidates need to feel that they understand the environment and attitude of their potential future employer. If you really want to impress candidates, do something unique like a 360-degree video of the office or a short virtual reality experience that presents a day-in-the-life of an employee. Attract top talent by creating opportunities for communication and curiosity.

Get employees involved

This is a common technique because it’s so highly effective. Companies should get employees involved in two situations. Firstly, employees can help get the word out when the recruitment process does not need to be confidential. Secondly, employees are more likely to be thrilled to help expand the team when the position is new (i.e., not replacing an existing team member).

Employee referral programs are a great way to involve staff in the recruitment of new talent. Many of these programs include a financial reward for the employee if their recommended candidate is hired. Companies have also been known to offer rewards like additional vacation days, better parking spots, or even event tickets or iPads. Don’t be afraid to communicate regularly and clearly with employees about your upcoming hiring process. Offer them social media graphics, recruitment cards, and other tools to access your employees’ professional networks. Odds are that they might know something who is just the right fit.

The war for talent is only growing. In fact, “failure to attract and retain top talent” was listed as the top issue of concern in a survey of global CEOs, even “before economic growth and competitive intensity.” Companies should combine tried-and-true recruitment techniques with innovative ones in order to maximize their ability to attract top talent.


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