Mentoring and Coaching

TalentHunt has partnered with Kingstown College to provide mentoring and coaching to optimize your on-boarding process.


Mentoring is one of the most powerful and impactful methods an organization can use to develop its people from within, bringing significant and long-lasting benefits to mentee, mentor, and wider organization alike.

TalentHunt has partnered with Kingstown College to offer your organization a digital on-demand certificate program. The program will ensure you develop a strong pool of effective mentors and engaged mentees, amplifying the impact on your overall culture.

Benefits to mentors include greater job satisfaction, personal development, and increased self-awareness. Mentors tend to report feeling more confident in their roles and energized from participating in a colleague’s success.

Benefits to mentees include the opportunities to reflect on their own progress, to gain a greater understanding of their career development, and to sharpen their judgment skills. Research has shown that having a mentor is a critical factor in the career success of 80% of UK chief executives; case studies from Australia and North America support this general picture.

TalentHunt can help you launch your mentoring program either as part of an on-boarding strategy or as an overall organizational strategy. For more information, and to develop your pride, please contact Paul for more information.


Coaching is an effective way to build a productive workplace with engaged, high-performing people and a meaningful culture. Coaching is quickly becoming the go-to solution to prepare companies for large change or as part of an overall strategic plan—so much so that research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows that 51% of companies consider coaching a crucial part of their business strategy.

When hunting down top talent, coaching becomes even more important: up to 80% of millennial and high potential employees expect organizations to invest in their development, for which coaching is often the top choice.

TalentHunt has a dedicated and experienced team of coaches accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to help your employees and leaders reach their ultimate potential. We can design a program and provide coaches that best fit your organizational needs. We are flexible with access to hundred of coaches from a number of different disciplines. Whether for one individual, several teams, or wider groups, TalentHunt has the coaching solution you need.

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