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Technical Sales Representative

Posted on: June 8, 2021

Picture your dream job. What does that look like? Maybe you think about being well-compensated, with enough time to pursue your goals both inside and outside of work. Maybe you think about working with exceptional colleagues to produce exceptional results. Or maybe there’s something else—maybe you want to produce work that you’re proud of, or work that helps shape the lives of others, or recognition for a job well done. The truth is, we all want something different out of our jobs, but at our core there is something which connects us all: we all want to have careers we love in places we are proud to work, not just jobs which we tolerate for a paycheque.

Leitz can be that job for you: a company where you can be financially secure, enjoy your work, and feel supported and find meaning in your career. As an international family business with over 150,000 customers worldwide, we are committed to investing in our workers so they invest in us—so that together, we can produce the best possible results for the clients who count on us. Due to the growing demand for premium manufacturing solutions in the home improvement sector, we see Canada as a growth market with plenty of potential for expansion. As a technical sales representative, you can join us on that journey—our success depends on people like you.

As a technical sales representative, you will help foster relationships with clients to ensure that they get the best possible tools necessary in order to succeed. By seeking out and identifying potential accounts and developing new sales opportunities you will help us grow our client base, all while staying abreast of competitors and changing market conditions. You will generate sales of stock and custom tooling to current customers by analyzing customer needs and advising customers on tooling applications. At its core, this job is about fostering relationships with clients—we succeed when they succeed, and vice versa. We will have your back throughout the process, ensuring that you have what it takes to thrive in your role. We believe in investing in our employees so they can invest in us, and will support you every step of the way. To find out more about the job, click Apply below.

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